Lot Boy


Lot Boy Cover

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“A young man struggles to establish his own identity in this touching novel set in the bleak November streets of Buffalo. Eddie Lanning has grown up with the run of his father’s Ford dealership, but lack of ambition and an immature attitude leave him trapped as the “lot boy” who covers the most menial and unskilled tasks and errands in the sales and service departments in between joyriding car diagramin the dealership’s cars. Eager to escape both snowy Buffalo and his family legacy, Eddie allows a habit of petty theft to escalate into warranty fraud as he is drawn by fellow employee Spanky into a dangerous parts-selling scheme.

A colorful supporting cast of mechanics and managers, led by Eddie’s raucously obscene father, Big Pat, surrounds Eddie as the opportunity arises to reconnect with his high school girlfriend Hannah. At once unlikeable and entirely sympathetic, Eddie and his internal conflicts are sensitively and realistically portrayed as his plan to leave behind Buffalo and his surrogate family by fleeing with Hannah comes to greetingsfrombflohead at the same time as his father’s increasingly serious illness presents the possibility of Eddie inheriting the dealership. This sensitive portrayal of both inchoate youthful rebellion and the invisible bonds of family and home effectively emphasizes the difficulty of Eddie’s final choice.” −Publishers Weekly